Thursday, May 19, 2005

How much is a finger worth?

For those of you who participated in my earlier poll on finger removal, apparently the poll asked about far too much money! Worker gave his finger to settle $50 debt. Although we will note that A) this was just an inch and a half slice of finger, which I estimate is roughly a third of a finger, given that I don't have a ruler on hand to test that out. That would mean a whole finger would be worth $150. Let's say $200, tops, in case my estimation is off. B) That was the price for a finger piece that already happened to be detached, sort of a "used" finger piece if you will, so clearly that depreciates its value vs. a finger that is still whole and functioning. Not sure how to price that, but maybe I should rerun the poll at $10,000 instead of $10 million. Then we'd see if you finger-whores were still so eager to sell!

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witw said...

Whoops, bad research on my part. I just realized the original poll asked about chopping off a TOE for $10 mil, not a finger. Nonetheless, I think one who would sell a toe for a set price would probably sell a pinky finger for the same.