Monday, June 27, 2005

Karl Rove does NOT equal Dick Durbin

Dick Durbin is either a complete historical moron or a liar who would defame his own country for political purposes. These are the only two options. To claim that someone having to endure hot and cold temperatures and loud rap music is akin to any historical atrocity is pure folly and not worth responding to. I will say this, however, if that is how Democrats understand history, it makes sense that they make so many loony decisions. While unlike the treatment given by historical dictators, does anyone know what the situation does resemble? Too hot, too cold, loud music.....that's right - college dorms! And many people fondly remember that as one of the best times in their lives.

The natural remedy to these insane comments was a half-hearted apology (I think he keeps trying to apologize better, each time he reads his poll numbers, but I've lost interest in anything that buffoon has to say) and zero censure from any national Democrat anywhere. Contrast this to Trent Lott, who as I recall, merely said favorable things about Strom Thurmond, who used to be a racist (much like a Senator Byrd) and for this had to step down from his leadership position in the Senate. The double standard is ludicrous. And now Karl Rove mentions how liberals wanted to "understand" the terrorists following 9-11 and offer them therapy. This is a factual claim. Some liberals did say things along that line (well the therapy comment is a bit of a caricature, but the point holds), and not just crazy extremists either, unless you think Bill Clinton is one. If Rove erred (in speaking to a conservative group which he might be expected to pander to, versus making comments on the Senate floor) it was in employing a bit of hyperbole and painting with too broad a brush. Of course not ALL liberals felt that way, yet a significant and highly vocal number did. I hardly think he needed to constantly qualify everything during a speech. So, for anyone to subsequently demand an apology from Rove and censure from the President, when Rove said nothing that was not actually based in fact, is hard to understand. How they could demand that when they said nothing about Durbin indicates a basic and complete misunderstanding of .... pretty much everything.

Who is John Locke?

I think we can guarantee the idiot majority on the Supreme Court hasn't heard of him. I have NO idea how anyone, liberal, conservative, vegetarian, whatever, could possibly have read into the Constitution what these justices did regarding eminent domain. I'll admit to not having studied this case specifically at a deep level, but I did do a fairly lengthy paper on John Locke and modern eminent domain law for my political science minor in college. Property rights, according to Locke, whose ideas were a major influence on the founding fathers, are the foundation of a free society. In fact, in early America, only land owners were permitted to vote, as it assured that only those with a stake in the system could make the decision to tax. In other words, nobody who wasn't going to give any money in, could vote to give money out. Not a bad idea, but I digress. Given their respect for private property (which subsumed land and included a man's labor as well), even the fifth amendment's specific grant of eminent domain powers for public uses is striking a tenuous balance. To overstep that limit and ridiculously claim that the government can seize private land to give to private developers is shocking, and leaves the door wide-open for tyranny - a topic with which the founding fathers had some familiarity and seemed interested in preventing. I believe we already have a remedy for this situation. The developers can either a) offer more money until people sell, or b) build somewhere else. Did anyone see where government needed to be involved? Neither did I. Who supports this idea? It doesn't seem that liberals would like it for how it panders to big business, and conservatives should oppose its unconstitutionality and the aforementioned disrespect for property rights. Can someone in the comments explain to me how this could be lawful? All the articles I've seen have decried the ruling, but I mostly read conservative columnists.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Here's what I've been missing

When I go back to Sac for my friend's wedding in September, I will be stopping at In-N-Out on the way in from the airport. Even if it's at 1 in morning.

More shopping

In case the couch wasn't enough for you, here's our new rug.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Our new sofa

This is the sofa we're buying from Ethan Allen. It's called The Retreat, although we are getting it in sort of a green, not white, with a very cool fabric, which I also cannot describe very well.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Welcome to the nerdery

I recently read about the Curta mechanical calculator (I think in Forbes), and it ... is ... awesome. Not only because you can still use it even if we run out of oil and have no electricity and/or during Armageddon (when calculating things would likely be your first concern), but also because it just looks cool with its cylindrical shape.

Antique Curtas on eBay are selling for $500+ with several days left on the auctions.

More info here and here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pet peeve of the week

We return to our regularly scheduled pet peeve:

It's PIQUED, not peaked!!!!! The book piqued my interest in science. She piqued my curiosity about Australia. And so on.

In 25 years, there will only be 150 people left in America that actually know what word people are trying to use. None of those people will be from California. Is grammar and langage dead in their schools?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Recent Searches

Some searches people have used to get to my blog, from a variety of different engines.

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And some of my many Hotel California related hits:
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Henley comments on Hotel California

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Book Review: They Smell Like Sheep

I enjoyed the book, They Smell Like Sheep, as I think it hits on some obvious principles of leadership that the modern church tends to forget, especially as churches start to be run more like businesses. Please note, I am a firm believer that churches can learn a lot from the business world (and let us hope that the opposite is also true), yet we need to be aware that certain things should be very different. The title of the book, drawing on analogies Jesus himself used, is speaking of how a real shepherd will be out among his flock and will hence "smell like sheep". They shouldn't be removed from them, with barriers of assistants keeping people at bay like a celebrity. It also talks about the time investment required for the sheep and the shepherd to truly know each other. One minor quibble that I had with the book is that it was written in more of a soft, relational tone, in what I can really only describe as a woman's style (although written by a man) - sorry ladies, if that doesn't fit you! Whatever happened to books written for men? Not everything needs to be done for the Oprah book club crowd.


I've caught the investing bug recently. In that spirit, I offer up the list of the Ten Books Every Investor Should Read. Although not part of the list, I just started reading The 16% Solution about purchasing tax liens. This frankly seems like a bit of a scarier method of investing to break into, based on having to purchase them at auction, but a safer way of getting decent returns. I have a friend that has done this in the past, so I would definitely want some advice from him if, after reading the book and doing a little internet/library research (the book is supposed to be really good but is a little old), I still want to pursue this. I'm also opening a ScotTrade account so I can do a little dabbling in the stock market.

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries I'd have a difficult time arguing with this list. Speaking of, who doesn't love lists? Always a good time.