Saturday, October 29, 2005

Colorado Rocky Mountain High

Blogging was low last week as I spent much of the week in Colorado working for the man. Fort Collins is a pretty nice place to be stuck working for the man, however. I'm a big fan of Colorado. I even got to see a friend from Roseville who had just moved back to Fort Collins to work again with his old group at HP, except now it is Intel.

Some quick hits to make up for my recent lack of posts:

Cool weather has FINALLY come to Dallas. Thank God.
I should be well prepared for it, since I've stored up a few pounds of extra insulation.

Harriet Miers withdraws = good decision. Let's get a knockout conservative in there and have a big fight. Why the heck are we in charge of every branch of government if we're picking nominees off of a Harry Reid approval list?

While we're on the topic of government, what is up with the amount of money we're spending under a Republican administration?

Pizza in Dallas still lagging. Just tried a new take-and-bake place tonight called Nick N Willy's. Ok, but just average.

Saw my first Woody Allen movie - Melinda and Melinda. Guess why we saw it? ;)
I didn't like it that much. Woody Allen always seemed like a weak pervert to me, so it's not really a surprise. Any longer I just really lack the ability to tolerate sitting through a bunch of pretentious crap that mostly plods along belaboring the point that life is meaningless. See Sideways. This is not to say that it wasn't well-acted with some good dialogue. It's mostly just the whole theme of it that I didn't like.

I hear nobody is watching the Apprentice anymore. We are. When Donald fired all four of the failures from last week at once, that was pretty cool. I'm a business geek.

Though I like the Apprentice, I cannot understand Trump's fascination with Jim Cramer. I swear I want to slap that guy every time I see him on TV. Just irritating. He needs to take it down about six notches.

Working out is going poorly. I'm pretty much at once a week. See earlier comments about getting fat.

A few years ago, if I suddenly got a call from a friend that I hadn't heard from in a little while, I knew it meant they were getting married. Now, it means they are pregnant. Pretty soon it will be funeral notices. I'm starting to feel old.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Jello City

The coolest thing related to San Francisco ever, not that that's too hard. Did I mention I hate San Francisco? Except I still root for the Niners. Old habits die hard.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Domestic update

We had a washer emergency this past week, as ours just stopped working. It had a load in it and was filled with water, but just refused to agitate or drain. It would make noises like it was trying to work, but nothing would happen. This is ok, as the washer and dryer were fairly old. I bought them from my roommate a few years ago, and I'm not sure how old they were before that. In fact, the dryer was already only sort of working, since it can only be stopped at one particular point. We had planned to buy new ones when we moved into our new house in Texas, but as they continued to work, we just kept using the old ones. Thus, while there is never a convenient time to have something you depend on stop working, I can't say it was a big surprise.

We bought a new washer at Lowe's yesterday. Fancy and environmentally friendly. Supposedly it will pay for itself over time with the savings in water efficiency. I guess we'll wait until the dryer totally kicks the bucket before we buy a new one of those too.


Last weekend, I went on an awesome camping trip with a bunch of my coworkers to Caddo Lake. The highlight of the weekend had to be playing paintball (just look for the pic of all the studs), although at first I wasn't liking it too much as being massive is something of a disadvantage on the small courses. Once we got out in the forest though, I had a lot more fun. It really doesn't matter that much whether you win, as long as you get to kill some people before you die.

Anyway, we also did a little canoeing on the lake and played some poker and dominoes, or bones as I like to call them. I even learned a new game with them, 42, that is a lot like the card games I enjoy. Smoked some cheap stogies, made Smores, ate some good Cajun food, didn't shower, hung out by the campfire until early morning. Good times all around.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Saving gas?

Interesting article on how we could all easily save gas:

That makes sense to Mark, who said the savings can add up by slowing down even on short trips. He figures that a commuter making a 30-mile drive to work at 65 mph instead of 75 mph would save about 30 cents in fuel costs per day -- or $150 a year -- and spend just 3 1/2 minutes more daily on the road.

None of us wants to do it though, do we?

Monday, October 17, 2005

RedNova News - Science - The Ecosystem That's Thriving in Your Pillows

If you're a germaphobe like me you might want to skip reading this article. On the other hand, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? Right? Should I be periodically microwaving my pillow?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Why am I suddenly getting tons of hits from people searching for Superman images? I think my Superman t-shirt pic is on something like the fourth or fifth page of google results for that search. Are that many people really digging deep for a Superman picture, or is there some sort of weird contest going on, or what?

ABC News: Preacher's Mega-Church Dreams End in Nightmare

This story makes me sad.

1) That a pastor would get so drunk with dreams of glory for a stupid building (how is that even important?) that he would abuse his position and people's trust.

2) That his congregation just followed him like blind idiots. You got a direct communication from God? Oh really? We still might need to check out a few things, like the convict you're partnering up with on this one. And his homemade savings "bonds" that you buy from him, marked "Favor from God". of the reasons we're Protestant (I'm pretty sure the church in question was) and not Catholic was the break over the selling of indulgences in the middle ages to fund .... guess what? BIG BUILDINGS. RIDICULOUS. Buildings aren't important. People, and their relationship to God, is what is important. None of that requires a $100+ million building. Talk about missing the big picture!

Friday, October 07, 2005

More San Antonio

As you might have guessed from my earlier post, San Antonio was ridiculously hot and sticky for October. However, we had a fun time visiting it with my wife's parents. I really enjoyed seeing the Alamo for the first time. They had a fairly informative oral presentation by some senior citizen volunteers, a brief video produced for the Alamo by the History Channel, and some good written information in displays. We also really liked the Riverwalk, with its various shops, hotels, and restaurants right alongside the river with rather lush foliage for a place in Texas.

We saw approximately 12 million air force personnel, due to the several Air Force bases in the surrounding vicinity. Many of them were wearing the notoriously ugly standard-issue Air Force glasses, also knows as BCGs (Birth Control Glasses). I was not aware that in basic training you apparently can't wear your own glasses even if you have them? Because believe me, any amount of money would be worth it to not have to wear those monstrosities. I have no idea who the guy in the picture is, it's just a random one from the web, but I think it gives you some idea what I'm talking about.

The low point of our experience in San Antonio was probably the somewhat crappy Embassy Suites that we stayed in. Not only did it feature the aforementioned Omelet Nazi, but it also had a medieval torture device, also known as a sofa bed, for us to sleep in. It had a metal bar that went across the bed under the "mattress" in the mid-to-upper back area that I could not keep from drilling into my spine. The floor would seriously have been more comfortable. I'm sure at one time the hotel was fabulously nice. That time must have been 1984, as that was the last time the building's decor was updated. Actually, it really wasn't that bad, but just not up to the high standard we expect from Embassy Suites. I guess this explains why it wasn't as expensive as some of the other ones we've stayed in.

The Omelet Nazi

Apparently the Soup Nazi's disgruntled older brother works as the breakfast chef at the Embassy Suites we stayed at in San Antonio last weekend.

I approach the line and the conversation goes like this:
Omelet Nazi (pointing his spatula at me): WHAT DO YOU WANT????
Me: omelet
Me: Um....what are my options?
Me (answering immediately on hearing the first option): Ham and cheese. Definitely ham and cheese.

Now my wife enters the fray. I don't hear most of her order, just the end. She has to watch out for the various food allergens that can kill her, and is concerned about the non-stick Pam-like substance the Omelet Nazi is using on the grill.
My wife: Can you make my omelet without using the non-stick spray first?
ON: NO! If I don't use the spray, the omelet sticks!
My wife now decides to risk death rather than face down the fearsome cook. Fortunately, everyone survived the weekend.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Things that are hot

But this may be the hottest of them all:

San Antonio, even in OCTOBER, is still ridiculously warm. It even makes Dallas seem cool by comparison!

Verification for comments

I've been getting even more annoying comment spam, so I've implemented verification for commenters. It's not tough, you just have to type in letters that show up in a box before you can comment. Spambots can't see the letters, so this should get rid of that problem.