Monday, October 16, 2006


Well, I decided that new responsibilities at work, getting ready for the baby (I haven't really done anything...yet. Painting is coming), and studying for the GMAT (pretty much ready) weren't enough for me, so I've decided to try to run an 8 mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. My wife is working that day, so I thought it might make sense to try this now. I've never actually run that far before. I cracked off 10K (6.2 mi.) this Saturday, which is the farthest I've gone to date. With that, I'm pretty sure I can make it 8 miles, though I will probably have to walk a couple of times and won't be that fast. My training plan right now is to run several 2-4 mile runs during the week, do a long run each Saturday in the 10k vicinity, and take Sunday off.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Rental Car Counter
Already late to a lunch meeting, I'm in a rush to get my rental car after deplaning at SJC. The guy at the Avis counter asks me "Would you prefer a 4-door or 2-door car?" I figure I might be hauling around some folks, so I say, "4-door".
Avis guy:"We don't have any 4-doors. Would you prefer a mini-van or an SUV?"
Me: "SUV. Definitely."
Avis guy: "We don't have any SUV's. Would you like the mini-van?"
Me (silently pondering why he keeps offering me choices that I can't actually have): "I think I'll go back to the 2-door car, thanks."
So, I ended up with one of the new Ford Mustangs, which is actually pretty nice. I got a Mustang as a rental a few years ago, before the redesign, and it was a terrible car. This one is actually fun to drive, though only legless people could sit in the back seat.

One of my co-workers notices that the menu states that the Caesar salad has "eggless dressing". Not sure if that is different than normal or what, he asks the server, "What does it mean to have an eggless dressing?" The server replies, "Without eggs". Totally straight-faced, doesn't crack a smile, doesn't say anything else. Even after I start laughing.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hug it out

Just before I left Roseville on Tuesday, two of my coworkers there had a little spat. I kept telling them that they needed to "hug it out" because I just think that is a hilarious phrase. Two days later I was watching The Office, the funniest show on television, when Michael, the boss, says that exact phrase to his employee Dwight after Dwight tries to take Michael's job, gets discovered, and then breaks down. I'm leading pop culture once again.
We just got back from a whirlwind week in California. We arrived in Sacramento late Wednesday night. I kicked things off on Thursday by getting up early to meet several friends for breakfast before heading off to work. The drive in was a bit of a hike from El Dorado Hills to HP in Roseville, but didn't seem too bad now that I'm so used to driving so far to get anywhere in Texas. I worked Friday and Monday and Tuesday from Roseville as well, and it was great to see my old team, though some days were so busy that I was hard-pressed to fit in an appropriate amount of goofing off. I did manage to hit a brewery on Friday after work with some of the guys. It is right near HP and just serves beer from the back of the brewery only on Thursday and Friday evenings. It has a very small-town feel, as people bring homemade food and whatnot to share. Saturday and Sunday my wife had a baby shower each day. I got out of the first one, and was able to take off for a quick trip up to Tahoe with a couple of buddies. I won't mention the other friend that was supposed to go with us but deserted us to .... play Worlds of Warcraft. The trip was really cool, we really miss in Texas the ability to take off and drive for an hour and be in such a beautiful area with cooler weather. On Sunday I did attend the second baby shower, and had an enjoyable time at that one. Two of my cousins were able to make it from Lodi, and it was great to catch up with them. We visited our old church on Sunday night, and a collection of old-timers turned out to greet us. Holly completely coincidentally happened to be in town at the same time from Colorado. We had a great time hanging out with folks afterward at the legendary In-N-Out. Speaking of restaurants, yes, we did manage to hit all of our favorite places. We had dinner with friends on Friday night at Original Pete's. Monday night saw us at the greatest place on earth, Chicago Fire. Tuesday we even tried a new place (with this friend and his wife, who hosted the first baby shower) in Folsom called My Brother Vinny, which serves generous portions of delicious Italian food. We ate on the balcony and it actually had kind of a European feel. Needless to say we had a coupon. We also enjoyed several home-cooked meals at my in-laws' new house, including Saturday night's steak dinner which we enjoyed with my wife's cousin and his new wife. Between all the eating out, the showers, and connecting with friends and family, we did more in that one week than we normally do in several months in Texas!

Guess where I'm going Monday through Thursday of next week? That's right, back to California. This time to Cupertino for work. No, I couldn't combine the trips, so don't ask!