Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Baby update

Just a quick post to catch people up on things. Our daughter was originally due on January 6th. But when my wife went in for her last ultrasound, they were saying the baby was on the larger side (who would think?) and she had a huge head, in the 95th percentile (I told my wife "Big head = big brain!"). Based on that information, the doctor had scheduled an induction for the 28th. However, we went in to see the doctor today, and things weren't really making any progress, and the baby didn't seem to be much larger (so no need to rush things along). So, we're going to hold off for now and come back in on January second to see where things are then. No baby until 2007 unless she suddenly changes her mind and makes a quick appearance on her own!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

My family's future?

A lot of times after I explain how my wife took something back to one store and drove to get it at another store for the sole purpose of saving 75 cents, people look at me like they just don't understand. So I reference this to help explain: