Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back in California

As of Sunday, we are back in California for two weeks. I'm working this week from my old office in Roseville, and then next week will be complete vacation. We even have plans to jump up to Tahoe for one overnight stay, assuming the forest fires in South Lake Tahoe are contained by then! The biggest news so far is that I swung by our old house on the way into work yesterday and saw it was for sale. Once I got to work and said hello to everyone, I hurried to check the listing and they are asking 60k less than we sold for two years ago! They might not even get that, so we definitely got out at a good time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blogger Blues

After my recent post declaring "I'm back", you're probably wondering where I disappeared to for two weeks. Well, I had some issues with blogger. I could type up a long boring post explaining why, but instead I'll just copy from the e-mail rant I sent my sister. Well, I was trying to send it to my sister to explain why I had not posted something on my blog, but was so irritated by the whole experience, I accidentally sent it to my wife instead. Anyway, here it is:

First it wouldn't recognize my e-mail username/logon. So I figured if I reset my password it would start recognizing my username. That turned out to be true, but it sends the new password to your "secondary e-mail account", which I evidently didn't enter in when I signed up. How about sending the new password to MY FIRST E-MAIL ACCOUNT? HOW ABOUT NOT STOPPING RECOGNIZING MY USERNAME OUT OF NOWHERE? So I now I have to wait five days to be able to answer security questions to access my blog. Words fail me. There will be an angry rant on my blog in four days.
Today I log on assuming I'll have to remember the answer to some questions I set up two years ago to be able to access my account. Instead, blogger logs me in without even asking for a password. I'm happy about that, but I honestly have no idea what my password should be now, since theoretically it has been reset. And what the heck happened to their server, where it stopped recognizing my user name for no reason? Who knows if I'll be able to access it tomorrow or not?

Your source for In-N-Out burger news

Story: Blah blah blah... some chain in Utah is too similar to In-N-Out, so getting sued...blah, blah. Then this for the last line:
In-N-Out Burger has plans to open their first Utah location near St. George by early 2008.

(looks at map, since I've never even heard of St. George)

Oh that's actually not that far from Vegas, where they already have a location. I guess they can use the same food sources/distribution network, so it makes some kind of sense.

Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm back

Thanks to the two or three of you who still check my blog. It's been almost two months! I originally stopped while I was finishing my UT MBA application, but then just didn't get back in the groove after that, and then my wife had to go to the hospital with pancreatitis and gallstones, so I just never really got back in the saddle. Plus, once I went for so long, I think I wanted to have something really important to say in my big first post back, which meant I never posted anything. So, since I am in a list-making mood, I'll give you some things that have changed for me since my post in early April.

1) I have a new cell phone
2) I turned 31.
3) My in-laws have been out to visit - twice, actually, thanks to my wife's surgery.
4) I bought an old-school manual mower, kind of like this one. I couldn't find the exact one I bought. Mine is also from Scotts, but has a different handle and a smaller cutting width, which makes for quite a workout doing the lawn.
5) I have vastly increased my network on LinkedIn. Shoot me an invite if you're on there and I'm not already linked to you.
6) I am considering building an ark, since it hasn't stopped raining here in Texas for the last two months, after raining maybe twice in the entire previous two years we were here.
7) I learned Mandarin. Ok, not really, but nothing else sounded very impressive in my list, so I thought I would make something up.
8) I went to a Rangers' game. My home team winning streak stayed alive and well in the MLB, quite a feat as the Rangers are not so good this year.
9) We bought plantation shutters for our family room. Yes, that's how boring things are. I had to mention that just to get to 9. I was hoping to come up with ten things.....

Daddy's girl

Some facts about Emily
1) She hardly ever cries. She is generally a very content little baby.
2) However, when she does cry, it's because we are trying to get her to take a nap. She HATES naps. Going to sleep at night is fine, however.
3) She can say "Dada". However, the charm of this is somewhat weakened by the fact that she says "da" and "da da da da da da" all the time and there is seemingly no connection to me whatsoever. Oh well. Soon.
4) Everyone says she looks just like me. I always say, "My genes are winning."
5) She's started eating rice cereal, so we are going down the path toward solid food. Quite a few pics of this in the May Snapfish album, so just ask me if you would like access to the mammoth number of pictures I take of her.
6) She held up very well through Mommy's recent traumatic surgery (see a later post where I give more details) and is quite content to be cared for by different people, especially if they are willing to hold her.
7) She loves her bumbo seat (which she is in in the picture above)