Monday, August 27, 2007

UT Austin MBA

Busy day at work coming back from vacation, but wanted to get out a quick wrap-up of my MBA experience thus far.

I spent the week in Austin going to school full-time. Loved it. I have three classes:
Financial accounting - I can see how incredibly useful this is, but it would be boring as a full career. I compared it to algebra. I definitely don't want a job that is all about algebra, but it sure is handy in a ton of other things I do like.

Statistics and Decision Analysis - seems like a good class. I like making charts and graphs.

Managing People and Organizations - favorite class so far, because so obviously applicable to my work life. We do a ton of interesting exercises that demonstrate what we're learning.

We also had one-shot seminars in some other things, including an intro to economics class that was supposed to give us the foundation we needed for the rest of this year, since we won't have our actual economics class until next year. I have to say the prof, Dr. Brandl, probably gave the most interesting lecture I've ever sat through. Which is really saying something when you think about how dry economics could be. Milk price controls, China, monetary policy - all fascinating. He went on for a while about some scary stuff regarding China's economic health, which prompted a student to ask how we would be affected if China had a big economic downturn. He answers something like this - "Not that much, our economy should stay fairly healthy for the next few years...if Hillary doesn't get elected. Then all bets are off." I already liked him even before that, but that pretty much cinched it.

We stayed at the Four Seasons in Austin the whole week. Very nice, but I can't see how I would ever justify paying that much (~$400/night) on my own for a room that all you really do is sleep in. The marginal benefit doesn't justify an extra marginal cost of $250+/night over Embassy Suites.


We have this at work, and it is actually really close to meeting in the same room with people. Really changes the dynamics from a traditional computer and phone virtual meeting.