Monday, September 17, 2007

More on obscene executive payouts

This article points out where the company boards of directors are failing when they have to bring in high-dollar white-knight CEOs from outside the company.

Look, we agree that severance packages can be obscene. But unfortunately, this problem is probably going to get worse. The reason: Sarbanes-Oxley has driven scores of boards into a state of frenzied micromanagement. Too many of them are now more concerned with accounting minutiae than with people development, including succession planning. What a shame. Boards have only one job more important than developing internal candidates: coaching and supporting the current CEO. Boards can't do the work of management. They can only make sure the right management is in place, now and in the future.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Don't eat that!

Well, here is an example of an article that sounds like total fear-mongering and scare tactics.
"We cannot be sure that this patient's exposure to butter flavored microwave popcorn from daily heavy preparation has caused his lung disease," cautioned Dr. Cecile Rose. "However, we have no other plausible explanation."
Yet because I have longed maintained that the fake butter in microwave popcorn smells terrible and makes me sick just thinking about it, I completely believe this propaganda.

What luxury do I care most about?

In Austin for a week to kick off my MBA, I stayed at the Four Seasons. Now in Dallas for our every-other-weekend classes, we stay Friday night at the Hilton Anatole. Both very classy hotels where money has been lavished on a number of things, including granite-topped nightstands and marble in the bathroom. However, expense has been spared in one key area. Neither hotel had very good toilet paper. Seriously, do I really care whether my nightstand has granite on it or not? No! But I do care about the quality of toilet paper I'm using. I really believe that I shouldn't have a vastly better product at home than what I get at a nice hotel.