Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Emily visits Dad's office

Emily visited me at work yesterday for our annual trick-or-treat among the offices that we do for all the kids. As you can she, she is modeling her pumpkin costume that Nana bought her.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I recently read an interesting article from the ChristianityToday website.

Premise - if evolution is true (evolution that does not involve a designer, this argument doesn't really apply to intelligent design/theistic evolution), the state of things today is whatever is most advantageous in terms of natural selection. Fact - most of the world believes in some kind of god. Conclusion - religion is evolutionarily advantageous.

So here's where I'm headed with this thought experiment: if the evolutionary account of religious belief that many atheists are now promoting is correct, then atheists don't have much of a future. Their own arguments, plus some elementary demographic data, show that their position cannot become dominant. The only real chance that atheism has to flourish is if it's wrong. If the Christian anthropology, for instance, happens to be true, then we will expect people to rebel against God, to act in violation of his will. But we will also expect them not to want to admit that that's what they're doing. So they will try to argue that their actions, however sinful, however violent, intolerant, and cruel, are somehow in keeping with God's will. But eventually the cognitive dissonance of that position is likely to become too much for them, at which point they might find—like that one-time Russian Orthodox seminarian Josef Stalin—that the easier path is simply to deny the existence of the God who otherwise would be their Judge.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

cell phone pics

I finally fixed the bluetooth glitch on my laptop, so I can download pics from cell phone again. Here are a few things I found worthy of snapping with my blurry cell phone cam.

This cereal was at Trader Joe's in California:

From an ad on the table at a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant we go to where you can get a whole meal for less than 4 bucks (I'm sure it's healthy too!):
What would Jesus do? He would buy this pool!!! And receive 50% off on cleaning with this coupon and a 1 year service agreement!

Our first activity at the Austin intensive for my MBA was to try to build as high a structure as possible with newspaper and a few other materials in a very limited amount of time. My team built a structure that reached the ceiling (it wasn't allowed to touch it) which would have left us tied with several teams, but one team surpassed us all by building theirs up into a light socket so they could go even higher. Here is the base of our ugly but effective contraption:

You can't really make anything out in the pic I tried to take of the whole thing, so I didn't post that one.

I try to take most of my pictures of Emily with our decent real camera, but here is one I took a while ago and it is now the background picture on my cell phone: