Saturday, March 29, 2008

Emily Translator

Ba: Ball
Ba Ba: Baby (now also occasionally actually pronounced BAY-BE)
Ba Ba Ba: Banana (sometimes just abbreviated ba-ba. You really have to pay attention to context.)
Da Da (occasionally even Da-DEE): as far as I can tell, this is either Melinda or me.
Do (pronounced dough): said whenever she sees, hears, or thinks about a dog. Will often be said excitedly over and over for several minutes.
Dis (followed by pointing): This. Means she wants something, or wants you to notice something, or who knows?
Mo mo (with sign language for more): usually equals GIVE ME THAT FOOD!

And a quick update, Emily still isn't exactly walking, but she is taking two or three steps between things to hold on to, so I think it is just a matter of time now.

MBA update

I have been tremendously busy between the MBA and my new management role at work, so I never got the detailed info on my Vietnam trip published on here. However, we did just have to do a presentation on Vietnam for class, so I leave you with a few of the links that I used. We focused on starting a business in Vietnam, and I was responsible for the section on Raising Capital/Capital Markets and the conclusion. From peer reviews (i.e., we still don't have the professors' scores which actually determine the real grade), we had the highest score in the class.

Getting up to date info was a real challenge, since the laws in Vietnam are constantly changing.

Check out the Vietnam stock index, and how it has cratered over the last few months.

This article from early 2007 shows how they were in bubble behavior.

Very helpful report from the World Bank, though it was somewhat outdated, being from 2006.

One last article on raising capital.

More on the stock market madness.

Final note is that I was amazingly comfortable presenting in front of the class. I think the preaching I did a few times in California really took care of that. The only little bit of nervousness I did have was because we had to hit 15 minutes in presentation time, and given that I went last, I had to manage whichever way time went awry. Ended up being no problem. We banged out a lot of practice and were fairly polished.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Texas news

DFW is number one in population growth.

Texas has record low unemployment.

Follow me to job paradise! Don't stick around after I leave somewhere though. Our old house in Sac got foreclosed on at the end of last year and is now re-listed for $110k less than we sold for. Yikes!

Monday, March 03, 2008

I can't really concentrate enough to say anything coherent, so I thought I would use my time to throw out a few interesting links I've come across.

A map that shows what country each US state's GDP corresponds to. Gives you a feel for how mammoth our economy really is.

The moral sense test.

Leading in times of transition.

Hmmm...apparently I haven't really been saving a lot of interesting links.


We are completely wiped out by either a bug or food poisoning here, with only Emily unaffected. Melinda and I got sick at almost the exact same time yesterday, which led me to believe it was something we ate. I have managed to keep down a few crackers so far today, but I still feel terrible and am now running a fever over 100. This is incredibly unhelpful to me, as I have a ton of work I need to do for my MBA over the next few days.