Sunday, December 05, 2010

How do people get here?

Since it has been more than a full year between updates, I thought I would see what searches are still bringing people here in spite of the lack of new material. It turns out there are three searches where I am in the top 5 results on google.

Far and away the top way people stumble on the blog is via searches for statistical abuse for which the linked post is the second result on google as of today!

The next two bring in a lot fewer, roughly equal number of people, but still a fair number.

How much is a finger worth, for which I have the fourth result on google and

Definition of executive home, for which I have the third result.

I'm guessing from the traffic that more people actually search for statistical abuse than the other two. Can I turn those results into some money? I stopped doing google ads on here a long time ago, but it seems I should be able to monetize specific top search results. Probably aren't many ads that relevant to the worth of a finger (lawyer?), but the other two seem like they might correlate to something...

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